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Comments by Participants
Kingdom Triathlon - 2011

Thanks again for a wonderful weekend!  And please pass along the heartfelt thanks of The Finishers to the IROC staff.  I know it can be really boring sitting at a water station or directing traffic or counting swimmers or roasting corn, but from a racer's perspective, these things are all really important!  They did an excellent job, and their efforts did not go unnoticed. 

Jessica Stokes, Watertown, MA (The Finishers)

Back in rainy Cambridge, MA! Thanks again for all your efforts. Very special race, very special place and very special people. Gorgeous setting for a race and so rare to have an event where you actually get to know so many of the competitors. Had a terrific time. Loved the Ollie Course. Beautiful Swim, … Liked bike course variety of hills for first 3 miles and then rollers. … Really liked the run course as well, particularly the dirt road heading up to Derby Center was so pretty…

Please thank all the volunteers from IROC and the surrounding area. Their being out there in the heat is much appreciated. Thanks again to your tireless efforts to pull this together for a great cause. (IROC)  I hope I can arrange my races next year to do Aquaman.  Thanks again for your efforts, and let those Nordiques know that if they bring the stick to Boston, drinks at a local pub on me and my btt team mates!!      

Ira Sills, Cambridge, MA (Boston Triathlon Team)

First of all may I again thank you for a great event and although I tried to say thanks to all volunteers I hope you can do it for me again in case I missed someone. ALL were most helpful and full of encouragement.

At the border I must have spent 20 minutes with the officer "giving advice"! As soon as I mentioned that we had just completed the triathlon he immediatly started asking questions like how long do we train, what kind of running shoes do we wear etc. etc. etc. We even mentioned "the Stick" and that made him laugh. Now all we have to do is get it back across for next year.
When I came out of the water and saw two bikes (mine and another) my first thought was that I was probably last but that incredible Phil had someone plant a "decoy" so I wouldn't feel discouraged. It turned out that there really was one more person behind me!
Gerry Fassett, Pintendre, QC (Quebec Nordiques)

Thanks for all your help, and for running a great race!  …  I had a great time (except for a few of those hills :) 

Tiffany Brennan, Robbinsville, NJ (Stomp the Monster)

Thanks for the great event! …  Great water quality and a fun day.  Next year…Willoughby!

Paul Landon  Fort Detrick, MD

What a fantastic weekend!  I didn't for a second regret making the long haul from Texas and hope I can return in future years.  Thanks for all that you do to put on these unique and wonderful races! 

 Nikki Reading, Fort Worth, TX (Ex patriot Boston Triathlon Team)

Just a quick note to say thank you to you and your amazing staff of volunteers who took such good care of us all on Saturday.  I felt welcomed at the event from the moment we met you at the IROC on Friday night. (and I wish my boys had stepped up to help out as kayakers on Saturday - it would have been great to have had a few more bodies out there in the water with us to help point the way!)  The course was challenging, but do-able for a novice triathlete like myself.  Although I heard mention of people getting off course, I thought the maps you provided were clear and the turns were well marked.  The post race food was awesome and my family enjoyed listening to the music as well.  I was completely surprised to be the first place winner and loved the prize swag -with a Vermont flair!

I am a co-chair of a planning committee for a youth tri that our high school sports booster club is putting on this weekend, so I recognize (on a much smaller scale!)  the investment in time and energy that planning an event like the Kingdom Tri takes.  Thank you for what you do- and I hope that the event was able to make a good amount of money for IROC.

Jennifer McDonald, Potsdam, NY