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Kingdom Triathlon – Includes: Willoughby Tri, Willy Youth Tri, Aquaman Even Up, Ollie Even Up, The Sprint and Echo Lake Road Race & Swim

Please make your payment based on the above schedule of amounts owed. 

I recognize that running, biking, and swimming are inherently hazardous, that my physical condition and conditions on the water, roads, and trails can change quickly, and that there is a risk of death or serious injury arising from my participation in this sport.  I love this sport of triathlon and greatly value the opportunity to participate in this event, notwithstanding my understanding of these hazards.  In consideration for the organizers’ willingness to hold this event, I hereby release, indemnify, and hold harmless Kingdom Games, Inc. d/b/a Kingdom Triathlon and its partners,  including their staff, volunteers, agents, representatives and owners from any and all claims arising out of injury to me as a participant in any or all of these events to the full extent allowed by law.  I also hold the above harmless from any claim arising out of injuries or conditions caused by or aggravated during the event or by my refusal to obtain medical treatment based upon religious philosophical beliefs or otherwise.   I acknowledge that Kingdom Games, Inc. may compile and use mailing and e-mail addresses and may take, use, and disseminate photographs and videos of me and other participants and consent to such uses; I hereby waive all rights to compensation.

I agree to the above terms